vaginal candiasis

Homeopathic treatment of vaginal yeast/Fungal Infection/ vulvovaginal candiasis


Vaginal candidiasis is a fungal disease of vagina caused by Candida albicans, it represent itself in the form of offensive vaginal smell, thick yellow-white vaginal discharge along with swelling, itching and burning sensation. It is more comman in patient with low immunity.


Aura Homeopathy treats the infection with in the body through internal medicines. Aura Homeopathy Treatment have shown substantial results in cases of vaginal yeast infections or candidiasis. Aura Homeopathy believes that the use of local application or Ointmant provided by allopathy mode of treatment leads to the suppression of the main symptoms of the internal disease. A Good-prescribed homeopathy medicine not only takes care of the infection but also treats the patient as a whole and improves general health as well.

Again and again antibiotic usage kills other organisms that compete with Candida albicans which is its causative organism and help its growth. Overuse of antibiotics can gradually make the bacteria resistant to them. 


Allopathic mode of Treatment for treating candidiasis are 

•      miconazole,

•      clotrimazole,

•      tioconazole,

•      butoconazole and

•      fluconazole .

Apart from above interal medicine , it include the local application of above salts in cream/ ointment base. Which further suppress the ailment and give temperory relief.


Aura homeopathic medicines not only treat the infection but also remove the tendency to the recurrent infections.

There are around 63 remedies which give great relief in vaginal yeast (fungal) infection or candidiasis. However for getting best homeopathic medicine for vaginal candiasis, the correct choice is based on complete case taking and indivisulasion of the patient. 


Prevention From vaginal Candiadsis

As per Dr.Abhishek patient should keep proper hygein, the panty area should be kept dry and clean

Add yogurt to your daily diet

Condom should be used to screen the disease Tansmission.

Douching should be avoided.

Perfume spray and talc should be avoided in getitals

Avoide tight fitting clothes should be avoided

Diabetes should be kept under control.


Avoide nylon/ or synthetic underwear, instead we recommend Cotton under wear.

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