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  • Manishna Arora


    Good Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid by Dr.Abhishek. Keep it up

  • Sachin Khurana

    Delhi, INDIA

    Homeopathy Simply works for me and my family.

  • Aba

    South Africa

    Die dokters hier is baie ondersteunend met 'n hoë vlak van kundigheid professionaliteit. Met my, die gevolg het positiewe en vinnige gewees. Danksy Dr.Abhishek

  • Abdalla

    South africa

    die aura van die beste homeopatie dokter in die wêreld "Die eerste keer dat ek die dokter vir my seun Abhishek uitslag gehoor, 6 Junie 2008. Voor die medikasie my seun is 'n ernstige rooi en geflits kolle op albei sy bene, veral in die agterkant van die knie en die middellyf. Wanneer die dokter Abhishek behandeling begin en net twee maande na my seun uitslag begin beter. haar uitslag was heeltemal weg en die vel het baie sag. Nou, jy het baie gelukkig die kind is nie prikkelbaar glad, en die groot ding wat hy begin met "slaap 'n goeie nagte. Om hierdie rede, die aura van homeopatie behandeling is die beste nie net in Indië, maar in die wêreld vir my. Abhishek baie dankie! en te danke aan die hulpvaardige personeel en sy assistent Neha sy hulp

  • Harpreet Kaur


    I went through uretero-scopic operation for 17mm kidney stone 2years back. 7 months ago I was told by my physician for another surgery as i was diagnosed with a new 10mm stone. It seemed like a vicious cycle to me, and i was very worried, then one day my friend suggested trying Homeopathy medicine at Aura Homeopathy India. But i decided to try my mother’s home remedy for dissolving kidney stone. Though I was taking home remedy for kidney stone by my mother, but my renal pain keep on increasing. Then my office Boss Mr. Pankaj Sharma insist me that he took Dr.Abhishek’s aura Homeopathy treatment and he got rid of Renal stone. So i also decided to placed my order online after initial consultation with Dr.Abhishek. Now after 3 months of Homeopathy medication from aura homeopathy, there treatment helped me. Thank you Aura Homeopathy.

  • Johanee, Brisbane


    Hi, myself Johanee,from Australia. I was having Renal stones from many year years. 3 Years back, I got them surgically removed, but in 2017 they again started to bother me. After my USG report i get to know that am having 8mm, 12mm and 13 mm stone in right kidney lower pole, my Physician told me to go for surgery again. As per my physician, the kidney stone can occur again and again. So, I decided to try alternative treatment and looked at Aura Homeopathy Treatment. I booked online appointment with Dr.Abhishek after detail case taking by Dr.Abhishek, i decided to order for his 6 months medicine, after placing order, i got my medicine delivered in 7 days, in Good packing. Within 3 weeks of treatment, the pain decrease and keep on reducing. After 45 days of treatment i found few concretion in my urine and i cross check through repeating my USG done that surprisingly shows me amazing results - Stone reducing in size to 4mm, 10mm, and 9mm. Now I am very confident that I will get rid of my kidney stone soon.

  • P. Venkat


    I used to get dull pain on the left side of abdomen after going through ultra sound test got diagnosed- multiple renal stones. I don’t want to go for surgery, one day when i was discussing my problem to one of my friend, he suggested me to contact Aura Homeopathy Cyber team, I drop a mail to Dr.Neha (Cyber Clinic Head) for help and her prompt. reply help me fixing my online appointment with there senior Consultant through Skype. They gave me well packed Homeopathy medicine and very nicely explained how it has to be taken. Its been 75 days now and I am already feeling much better. P. Venkat, Bangalore

  • aakash

    Delhi, INDIA

    Good Homeopathy doctor for infertility treatment

  • Priyanka Arora

    Delhi, INDIA

    I was very scared of my hair fall problem, after trying number of hair care products and supplements. I came to know about Dr.Abhishek's Aura homeopathy's treatment. After taking their treatment in june last year I feel good difference in my hair and scalp condition. Now my scalp and hair are visibly healthier than as compare to the condition prior to to treatment. The treatment was very good and I was impressed with the regular assessment of my problem every 4 weeks. I recommend Aura Homeopathy treatment for Hair treatment.

  • Tajinder


    Good Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid

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