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  • Rajeev Batra


    I got my Renal stone removed surgically 3 years ago. 2 Months back, during my routine check up I was informed by my Doctor regarding reoccurrence of kidney stones once again. I found Aura Homeopathy india and order their medicines for 4 months and now i am free from renal stones. After 4 months treatment not only my kidney stone is dissolved but my other problem like gas formation and acidity also has gone. Thanks to Dr.Abhishek and Team Aura Homeopathy India

  • Rajeev Middha


    We have got best of Treatment under awesome practice of Dr. Kasana. Keep it up!

  • Srishti

    Delhi- India

    Relieved of two-year chronic cough, cold, and sinusitis Srishti, Delhi- India I visited Dr. Abhishek in January 2015 with a chronic cough that lasted two months. It was acutely embarassing at my new job to have bouts of intense coughing with chest pain, a running and stuffed nose at the same time, and sinus aches. I had already had 3 weeks of anti-biotics from my family doctor and 4 weeks of allopathy dosage from the ENT specialist. The symptoms got worse. My neighbour suggested Dr. Abhishek, a well-known homeopathy specialist in Faridabad She asked me a whole load of questions as it was my first visit, diagnosed it as an allergy of some sort, and gave me two different pills to take 3 times a day for 28 days. In 7 days, my chronic cough had subsided considerably and my sinus had cleared. In a weeks time, the cough disappeared along with all the other symptoms. I have since recommended the doctor to other friends and colleagues and they have all had healthy results. I highly recommend this doctor to keep us all in the pink of health!

  • Preeti


    Bedwetting problem treated by Dr Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy Clinic Preeti, Gurgaon- India My 12 yr old daughter suffered with bedwetting problem. Although she was toilet trained but still she would wet her bed daily. Probably only parents who have such children will understand what i am saying. We couldnt take her out for overnight stay anywhere. It had affected us so much that we became very desperate to do anything. We gave her alll kinds of medicines. During one such discussion with my employer, seeing my plight she told me to go to a homeo doctor, Dr Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy clinic who is known to her. We took our daughter to Dr Abhishek and we were very impressed by the way doctor put my child at ease and spoke in a friendly manner. The doctor gave medicines and asked us to return in a 2week's time.Am a very happy parent today, my daughter has stopped bedwetting eversince the start of Dr Abhishek's medicines, his approach.. my daughter missed her meds for a week, despite that she didnt bedwet since then. The doctors counsellign skills, approach and medicines are really good. My humble and sincere thanks to Dr Abhishek for ridding my daughter of this old, regular bedwetting problem and clearing our mental stress as well.

  • Ramakrishnan


    At Aura Homeopathy you can get Consultations and treatment: Through Classical Homeopathy and experience-based, result-oriented treatment for complete cure of all diseases like: Allergies(Respiratory)-Allergic Rhinits,Conjunctivitis,Sinusitis,Laryngitis Bronchitis Food- Gluten, lactose , Protein and various other food allergies Skin- Urticaria, dermographism, Cold urticaria, Allergic eczema, dermatitis, Rashes.Other problems like Acne,warts, corns, Eczema, Ringworm, Psoriasis. Polycystic ovaries-Irregular menstrual cycles. Infertility in females due to Pcos, Endometriosis, Cysts,etc. Dysmenorrhea-painful menstrual cycles Premenstrual syndrome, Menopause syndrome. Infertility in males due to Oilgospermia, Asthenospermia, Teratospermia, Azoospermia Beningn prostatic hypertrophy GERD-Gastro esophageal reflux disease, Reflux esophagitis, Esophageal varices Ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Constipation, Flatulency. Ulcers-Gastric, Duodenal Fatty liver Piles-Bleeding and Non bleeding Gout-Gouty arthritis, Bunion Headaches-Gastric, Migraine,Stress related Anemia, Generalised weakness Stress, Anxiety, Depression Preventive healthcare-Medicines for prevention of Chicken pox, Dengue, Chickungunya,etc Lifestyle diseases-like Cervical spondylitis, Premature senility, Sleep disorders, Mood swings, etc Sport injuries-Ligament and nerve injuries Pain management-Helping in managing pain, neuralgias. Post surgery management- helping in healing of tissues and enabling better control of urine or motion post piles or TURP surgery,also, in LSCS, lumbar neuralgias post ls-injections. ADHD-Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, helps in focussing better and helps them reduce their excessive hyperactivity. Delayed milestones in children-Enables achieve normal milestones be it delayed teething,talking walking,etc.

  • Manjeet Singh


    My mother's Trigeminal Neuralgia was cured here By Manjeet Singh- Chandigarh My mother had Trigeminal Neuralgia, a painful disease of the face, similar to what Salman Khan had. Allopathic medicines worked but little. We came from Chandigarh to Delhi for Dr Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy clinic for homeopathic treatment. We were happy to get much relief in my mother's pain. She is old so she could not go for operation. Dr Abhishek gave her so much relief with other doctors of neurologist could not give in PGI-Chandigarh and CMC-Ludhiana (Punjab). Thank God, there are doctors like this on this earth. God bless him.

  • Manpreet Brar


    Aura Homeopathy treatment is very effective! Manpreet- Bangalore My son was suffereing from wheezing and when we did some research on the net we found Dr.Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy Clinic. Dr.Abhishek’s analysis and treatment was very effective and from the first month of the course of meds itself we could see a lot of improvement in his health. He is so friendly and instantly connects to the patients. He is very calm and his approach is truly holistic. We had a lot of wrong notions about Homeopathy that it takes very long to see results. But I really want to emphasise here that he has proven that this not the case. Thanks doctor for being there when we needed you the most!

  • Dr.B.L Mishra

    New Delhi-India

    Dr Abhishek is knowledgeable yet humble Dr.B.L Mishra-Delhi, India I am a Physics professor from Delhi University. My daughter visits Dr. Abhishek at Aura Homeopathic clinic and she introduced me to homeopathy. We have been following Dr Abhishek's homeopathy since last Ten years and we are very happy. In Faridabad, my family used to visit homeopaths for many years, but Dr Abhishek is highly professional in approach. We find many foreigners coming to his clinic whenever we go there. One more quality we have observed in him is that he is very humble. We have seen many doctors who tend to be arrogant, but Dr Abhishek, in-spite of being one of the most respected homeopathic in the world, is gentle.

  • Rahul


    He has a healing touch! Rahul, Noida- India He has a healing touch. He has treated almost all my and my extended family members. Amongst them the following are noteworthy: 1.My brother was very depressed(due to some personal reason), he had high BP and elevated heart rate. He completely cured him with his medicines even without meeting him in person. I am very grateful to Dr.Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy clinic. 2.My 4 yr old niece was suffering from chronic constipation and general lack of vitality. we tried several doctors, but in vain. I consulted Dr.Abhishek and now my niece is fine.

  • Puneet Goyal

    New-Delhi INDIA

    My dermatologist suggested me to goto Dr Abhishek Puneet Goyal-Delhi, India I was suggested to see Dr Abhishek@ Aura Homeopathy Clinic by my allopathic doctor who is a dermatologist at eminent medical college in Delhi. My allopathic doctor, who treated me for over two years with little relief, for my chronic Eczema, was honest in admitting that allopathy did not have much to offer except corticosteroids. Inspite of being an allopathic doctor himself,He suggested me to go to a good homeopath. On requesting him to give me a good recommendation, he asked me to visit Dr Abhishek of Faridabad; whom I located and get started with the treatment. To cut the story short, I was treated by Dr Abhishek and his team of doctors for over two years and I must say that I found such an improvement which I did not for so many years of other treatments. It took me about 6 months to come out of the use of cortisone creams which I was using for over ten years. Dr Abhishek has in-depth knowledge of homeopathy as well as allopathy; which is not common with many other doctors. He is such a gentle doctor. I happy to write this review which could help many others to turn to homeopathy.

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