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  • Krishnan


    Congratulating Dr.Abhishek and Team Aura Homeopathy Krishnan-Bangalore, India Dr.Abhishek..My heartiest congratulations for successfully treating my personal cases of acute n chronic diseases I was suffering from I.B.S..,chronic renal interstial disease with hypothyroidism and hypertension.. complaints of pain in abdomen was so severe that even giving Inj-Drotin, Tramadol, Fortwin, Fulsed, Buscopen....the complaints wont subside.....and only 3 months Homeopathy medicine gave relief ...kudos to you....

  • Amit Malhotra

    New-Delhi INDIA

    Thanks for curing my mother Anal Fistula. Amit Malhotra- Delhi My mother case of anal fistula....whose complaints of foul discharge and pain is still under her treatment...and she is relived from major complaints My best compliments and heartiest wishes to Dr.Abhishek for serving the suffering mankind with Perfect Homoeopathic treatment in acute and chronic cases very successfully....... May her blessing bestowed on every patients with complete success...

  • Shobha


    Dr Abhishek's homeopathy was effective for my family Shobha mitra, Kolkata, India I will be very happy to recommend Dr Abhishek's treatment. I had experience with his dedication when one of the family members required treatment for Vitiligo. We went to three different dermatologists before we were suggested by a family doctor to visit Dr Abhishek. He was so clear about his opinion and genuine guidance which no one else did. He has knowledge of homeopathy as well as allopathy, which is the advantage as compared to other homeopathic doctors.

  • Sukanya


    "Wonderful experience with Dr. Abhishek Kasana and Dr. Swati Kasana Aura Homeopathy Clinic. We have been getting treatment from last 4 years and really works. Highly recommended. Thanks to team Aura Homeopathy Clinic

  • Umesh


    "Wonderful experience with Dr Abhishek Kasana and Aura Homeopath, I have been getting treatment from last one year and really works. Handle very patiently with good care. Cost effective as well. I recommend."

  • Mohammad Husain


    “I was diagnosed with renal Failure due to High urea and Creatinine levels. As per Allopathy Doctors, my Kidney was not functioning properly-and i need regular dialysis every 2nd day. One of my friend in Hyderabad, told me about Dr.Abhishek and his website www.aurahomeopathy.com for online consultation. I booked my online appointment and discuss the problem in detail, after getting positive response from Dr.Abhishek i plan ti visit his clinic. Dr.Abhishek's Aura homeopathy clinic is totally evidence based homeopathy clinic, Doctor is incredibly straightforward, Knowledgeable, decent, cool ,calm ground to earth person, who always have time to concentrate to the patient problem. the best part of Treatment is, he insist laboratory check to be done before beginning Treatment and then again repeat it once three months to ascertain the progress of recovery, specially in cases of fibroid, hyper thyroid, hypo thyroid, pcos, renal calculus, Liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, etc. As per Doctor Abhishek there should be decrease in intensity of the suffering, frequency of suffering and duration of complaint within 3-4 months course of homeopathy medicine- if not, change your Homeopathy Doctor (That includes me also) yes i'll suggest my Friend and Family as well. this is my 1st review for any Doctor in Republic of India. Before visiting Dr.Abhishek, i have visited many Allopathy and Homeopathy Doctor in India in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad with no result. But Aura Homeopathy treatment works for me thanks to Team Aura, for there support. God Bless

  • Tajender


    I was suffering from upper respiratory infection, cough, sore throat and cold. I feel very satisfied with Dr.Abhishek medical expertise. I always recommend Dr.Abhishek's Aura Homeopathy clinic to the readers to get solution for their ailments and lead a disease free life."

  • Sarika


    I was diagnosed with Asthma by allopathy doctors, Its being very difficult to do my day to day work with Dyspnoea, and re-occurrent cough and chest pain. My husband take me to Aura Homeopathy Clinic, and we consulted Dr.Abhishek, after taking his treatment for 9 months my Asthma attacks are under control. My husband is old patient of Dr.Abhishek, he has got his thyroid cured with in 6 months of Aura Homeopathy treatment. I suggest Dr.Abhishek as Best Homeopathy Doctor in India for Thyroid and Respiratory problem, including Asthma, bronchitis. to all my friends and Family.



    Aura Homeopathy India @ Extraordinary research & remarkable results Treatment Received: Thyroid and Urticaria Sharing my remarkable recovery experience with Aura Homeopathy Clinic Delhi NCR. Was suffering with Skin allergy- Urticaria since 2008. I had taken different medication including steroids also, but my ailment remained the same. In 2014, I decided to consult some Best homeopathy doctor in India and got in touch with Dr. Abhishek Kasana in India. My 1st homeopathy consultation includes my mental, physical, desire, sleep, thirst, family history and my past medical history. Dr.Abhishek make sure to deeply understand my disease and then he prescribe me the homeopathy medicines. It was really amazing to see its results in 30 days of my !st consultation. With aura homeopathy treatment, I have experienced remarkable change, today I am completely cured from my ailment. Thanks a ton to Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Swati. My wife Reena also consulted Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Swati for her thyroid problem and experience 100% recovery within 3 months of homeopathy medical treatment. She got her thyroid level controlled to normal, and regained her confidence. Reena's thyroid levels are normal now since last 3 years & she feels very relaxed now. Dr.Abhishek deserves the accolades for extraordinary research in Homeopathy and remarkable results. As per my wife He is Best Homeopathy doctor not only in Delhi But in India for thyroid and Urticaria.

  • AMOL


    Awesome Treatment Received for Psoriasis Dr.Abhishek is dynamic & very excellent doctor, he is very concerned for his patients, once you meet him, you will never like to meet any other homeopathy doctor. I was suffering from psoriasis from last 11 years, visited more than 10+ doctors without any relief. After meeting Dr.Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy Clinic he guided very well for my treatment and my diet. In just 7 months my problem is reduced to 80% .I strongly recommend all my friends In India to visit Dr. Abhishek only. Best part is i can take online homeopathy treatment from my home in Mumbai

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