Anorectal Fissure

Anorectal Fissure or Anal Fissure or Fissure in Ano or Anal Ulcer

It is a painful condition, due to breach in the mucus membrane lining of lower end of anus.  Fissure is a longitudinal crack in the mucus membrane of anus. Usually fissure occur posteriorly in the midline, which is anatomically less protected area of anal canal. 


  • Constipation is the main cause of the fissure in ano. As per Dr.Abhishek, fissure is because of repeatedly abrasion of the mucus membrane of anus due to hard stools and constipated stools
  • Other casuses may be:
  • Repeated pregnancies.
  • Lond duration use of Laxatives.



  • Pain while passing stools : Patient complaint of Sharp knife-like pain which begun while passing stool. This severe pain remain for about 60-90 minutes after passing stools, then pain stop suddenly. Once the pain subsides the patient remains quite comfortable till next morning till he again go for evacuation of stools.
  • Bloody streaks on the stool
  • Swelling and itching in anal area -pruritus ani 


  • Clinical examination done by a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Home remedies

  • Sitz bath should be done 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes each. Sitz bath help in relaxing anal sphincter, there by reduce pain.
  • High finer diet to prevent constipation
  • Regular exercise
  • Good water Intake


Aura Homeopathy Treatment for Anal fissure:-As per Dr.Abhishek, there are more than 96 Homeopathic medicine that can give good relief and curing the problem of anal fissure. Aura Homeopathy treat the person as whole after concedering the totality of symptoms:

1.Increase blood circulation of the body

2.Helps in relieving the anal spasm

3.Helps decreasing the swelling and pain

4.Helps prevent secondary infection

5.Helps to relive constipation

Dr.Abhishek, says that recurrence of the problem is because of long term constipation, and main reason for that are:

  • Sedantary life style
  • Improper dietary habits
  • Mental stress

Aura Homeopathy gives more than 90% cure rate and is strongly recommended for fissure in ano.

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